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Our Females

Our sphynx females

The breeders of our cattery are the owners of the known blood lines of Belgium, the USA, France and Russia, the Canadian sphynxes, which correspond perfectly the standards of the breed, which is confirmed by the successful participation of our cats at the international cat-shows conducted according to the rules of the various phelinological systems.

Breeders of our cattery pass regularly the veterinary inspections for virus diseases, the vaccination and deworming is made for each in due time. All our breeders regularly pass testing for such diseases as cardiomyopathy (HCM), virus peritonitis (FIPV), virus leukaemia (leucosis) (FeLV), virus immunodeficiency (FIV) and chlamydiosis (Chlamydia species).

The cats which past DNA-testing (testing for definition of the coat pattern of the animal at a genetic level) in the Veterinary Genetic Laboratory (USA, California) and selected in such a manner that breeding quality of posterity would surpass quality of parents take part in the breeding work of our cattery.

JCH Xarmax Ingrid, SPHn


Full color, carrier of chocolate, cat is a carrier of dilute (DNA test, USA, California)

Color: black, n

Father: CH Chelendjer, n

Mother: Xarmax Devamatri, g

DNA test results: a/a, E/E, C/C, B/b, D/d, N/N

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JCH Satori Barbariska Purple Fairy, SPHc32


Color: lilac mink, c 32

Father: Infinite Joy Uran, n 32

Mother: Sphynxomania Yanetta, c 33

DNA test results: a/a, E/E, cb/cs, b/b, d/d, N/N

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ICH California de Avatara, SPHf2132


Full color, carrier of chocolate (DNAtest, USA, California)

Color: tortie tabby mink, f 21 32

Father: ICH Melena Cat Jan-Jac de Avatara, d 33

Mother: Rimma de Avatara, w 61

DNA test results: A/a, E/E, cb/cs, B/b, D/D, N/N

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ICH Beauty Beautiful Flower, SPHn


Color: black, n

Father: WCH Amigo Amaryllis, n

Mother: De Brian Misty Blue Belle, a

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CH Auramau Arleta, SPHn0233


Full color, carrier of chocolate (DNA test, USA, California)

Color: harlequin point, n 02 33

Father: Yaguar Vlada, n 02 33  

Mother: Sweet Candy Bonita-Marso, b 03 33

 DNA test results: a/a, E/E, cs/cs, B/b, D/d, G/G

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CH Nefrael Avril SPHf21


Full color, cat is a carrier of Burmese (sepia) color (DNA test, USA, California)

 Color: tortie tabby, f 21

Father: CH Bartolomeo Elit Cat Viola, d 03

Mother: CH California de Avatara, f 21 32

 DNA test results: A/A, E/E, C/cb, B/B, D/D, N/N

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Isida Prime Cats, SPHb02

Color:chocolate harlequin, b 02 

Father: Antey iz Zolotoy Baet, b 02

Mother: Nosy Prime Cats, b 03 33

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CH Nefrael Aurelie, SPHd2103


 Color: red tabby bicolor, d 21 03

Father: CH Bartolomeo Elit Cat Viola, d 03

Mother: CH California de Avatara, f 21 32

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CH Nefrael Halle Berry, SPHc09


Father: CH Pharaon Cats Roger Moor, SPH c

Mother: CH Uarda Prime Cats, SPH b 09

DNA test results: a/a, E/E, C/cb, b/b, d/d, N/N

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