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Welcome to the web-site of Nefrael Sphynx Cattery

On pages of our web-site you will get acquainted with the surprising breed of cats - the Canadian sphynxes, see many photos of representatives of this breed and also can choose a wonderful kitten for you.

Our sphynxes cattery is located in Moscow, but we can organize for you the delivery of the kitten you like to any place of the world.

Registration of Nefrael Sphynx Cattery

Nefrael Sphynx Cattery is registered in the World Cats Federation (WCF), the largest and oldest American Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), the World Cats Association (WCA) and the Phelinological Association of Russia (FARUS); it is the member of the cat fan clubs such as “Lucky Star” (WCF) and "Kristy Empire" (FARUS).

The main principles of work in Nefrael Sphynx Cattery

The basic purpose of work of our sphynx cattery is obtaining the healthy kittens with having good genetics and the fine authentic breed data.

For this purpose we carefully select breeding pairs and we watch attentively for the health of each nursling: duly vaccination, regular scheduled veterinary surveys and checks for virus infections, copulations inside the nursery exclusively in order to prevent virus and infectious diseases - all these measures allow us to obtain the beautiful kittens with extremely steady strong immunity.

All our breeders regularly pass testing for such diseases as cardiomyopathy (HCM), virus peritonitis (FIPV), virus leukaemia (leucosis) (FeLV), virus immunodeficiency (FIV) and chlamydiosis (Chlamydia species).

The breeders of our nursery are the owners of the well-known blood lines of Russia, France, Belgium and the USA, and confirm the conformity to standards of breed of the Canadian sphynx, closing the high titles and receiving prestigious awards at the international cat-shows conducted according to the rules of the various phelinological systems.

In our cattery we are engaged into the professional cultivation of the sphynxes either of the traditional, or elite rare coat patterns, such as blue, chocolate, lilac, and the representatives of the acromelanic coat patterns groups: sepia, mink, color-point. Color patterns of all our breeders are confirmed with the DNA-tests made in the USA. It allows defining the color patterns of their posterities in the most correct ways.

It is not up to par for us to keep pets in cages, therefore our nurslings have full freedom to move, live and sleep with us, as full members of our family due to what they are completely socialized, and get on perfectly with other pets.

The services of Nefrael Sphynx Cattery for those who wants to buy a kitten of the Canadian sphynx

Our cattery shall help you to get the real Sphynx which corresponds the standards of breed, with the character of a true sphynx, steady mentality and perfect health.

We provide constant support and grant all necessary consultations. If you address us, we shall tell you about all features of the Canadian sphynx breed in vivid details, we shall share secrets of education and we shall use the best efforts to help you to bring up the cheerful and naughty, and the main thing - the healthy and merry mewing friend. We do not doubt, that any of our sphynxes becomes an adored member of your family!

If you want to learn details about this surprising breed of cats, you should proceed to the web-page About breed. You can get acquainted closely with our breeders having visited the web-pages of a site Our Males and Our Females and to choose and buy a kitten of the Canadian sphynx - in the web-page Kittens. If you liked one of the kittens, submitted on our web-site, leave the online application in the web-page Kittens. To receive the detailed information on all the matters concerning “cats”, you should call to:                               +7 925-827-38-38 or write to the e-mail:


Welcome in our circle of fans of the tremendous cats - the Canadian sphynxes!!!


Yours faithfully, Anna Petrova, felinologist, the head of the Nefrael Sphynx Cattery

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